Music Gigs

Datesort ascending Headline Support Venue
08/03/2020 Chloe Foy Martha St. Arthur, Claudia Kate Guildford Boileroom
06/03/2020 Salvation Jayne 2far2jump, Khaki Scouts Guildford Star Inn
04/03/2020 Samantha Crain Benedict Benjamin London House of St. Barnabas
02/03/2020 Joanne Shaw Taylor Sonia Leigh Brighton The Old Market
26/02/2020 China Bears Softer Still, Basement Club Guildford Star Inn
25/02/2020 Face The Wolves The Distraction, Circus Guildford Boileroom
24/02/2020 Beth Hart Kris Barras Band Southampton Guildhall
15/02/2020 Parachute For Gordo Punching Swans, Lonesome Aldershot West End Centre
14/02/2020 Bellevue Days Weatherstate, Morale Guildford Star Inn
09/02/2020 Smoke Fairies John J. Presley Portsmouth Square Tower
08/02/2020 Seasonal Best Of Enemies, Merrick's Tusk Guildford Star Inn
31/01/2020 Valeras Novacub, Chaos In The Teahouse Guildford Boileroom
30/01/2020 Matro Rancho Aching Muscle, Princess Aldershot West End Centre
29/01/2020 Peaness Blue Jellyfish Guildford Boileroom
28/01/2020 BC Camplight Temples Of Youth Guildford Boileroom
27/01/2020 Toy White Flowers, Neon Islands Guildford Boileroom
18/01/2020 Veridian Roseview Aldershot West End Centre
17/01/2020 The Chocolas Katie King, The Kites Guildford Boileroom
11/01/2020 Mantic Muddlers Aldershot West End Centre
19/12/2019 Awake Arise Aldershot West End Centre
07/12/2019 SAS Band Steve Rodgers Guildford G-Live
05/12/2019 Sound Of The Sirens Sadie Horler, Claudia Kate Guildford Boileroom
04/12/2019 Lucy Rose Scott Matthews London Barbican Centre
30/11/2019 The Xcerts Swim School Aldershot West End Centre
29/11/2019 Soeur NERVES, ALIENBLAZE Guildford Boileroom
26/11/2019 Hawkwind The Blackheart Orchestra London Royal Albert Hall
25/11/2019 Hawkwind The Blackheart Orchestra Guildford G-Live
21/11/2019 The Bluetones Cascade Guildford Boileroom
20/11/2019 China Bears The Collier, Basement Club, Life Like Charlie Guildford Boileroom
18/11/2019 Steve Mason Pictish Trail Guildford Boileroom