Music Gigs

Datesort ascending Headline Support Venue
02/06/2021 Juanita Stein Tom Bright Brighton Chalk
30/05/2021 Lyla Foy Online Show
29/04/2021 The Lost Trades Vic Cracknell Online Show
23/04/2021 Polly Paulusma Online Show
26/02/2021 Penfriend Online Show
05/02/2021 The Staves Online Show
12/12/2020 Funke and The Two Tone Baby James Harriman Aldershot West End Centre
05/12/2020 Hot Sauce Pony Aching Muscle Aldershot West End Centre
08/11/2020 Smoke Fairies Online Show
03/11/2020 Penfriend Online Show
01/11/2020 Juanita Stein Online Show
29/10/2020 Hannah Scott Me And The Moon Guildford Holroyd Arms
17/10/2020 Void Null Volva Aldershot West End Centre
14/10/2020 Lynz Crichton Online Show
18/07/2020 Matro Rancho Jayde Adams, Esther Manito, Eshaan Akbar, Jonny And The Baptists, Diabel Cissokho, FB Pocket Orchestra, The Kites (2), The Landings, Jon Gracey, Alison Spittle, Patrick Spicer, Eshaan Akbar, Sam Lake, Kemah Bob, Rob Auton, Bec Hill, Sam Carter, Jonas and Jane, Philip Daish-Handy, Aching Muscle, Dom Pipkin, The Last Inklings Aldershot Westival Online
24/03/2020 Amy Montgomery Online Show
19/03/2020 March Online Show
08/03/2020 Chloe Foy Martha St. Arthur, Claudia Kate Guildford Boileroom
06/03/2020 Salvation Jayne 2far2jump, Khaki Scouts Guildford Star Inn
04/03/2020 Samantha Crain Benedict Benjamin London House of St. Barnabas
02/03/2020 Joanne Shaw Taylor Sonia Leigh Brighton The Old Market
26/02/2020 China Bears Softer Still, Basement Club Guildford Star Inn
25/02/2020 Face The Wolves The Distraction, Circus Guildford Boileroom
24/02/2020 Beth Hart Kris Barras Band Southampton Guildhall
15/02/2020 Parachute For Gordo Punching Swans, Lonesome Aldershot West End Centre
14/02/2020 Bellevue Days Weatherstate, Morale Guildford Star Inn
09/02/2020 Smoke Fairies John J. Presley Portsmouth Square Tower
08/02/2020 Seasonal Best Of Enemies, Merrick's Tusk Guildford Star Inn
31/01/2020 Valeras Novacub, Chaos In The Teahouse Guildford Boileroom
30/01/2020 Matro Rancho Aching Muscle, Princess Aldershot West End Centre